Fee Structure

Fee Structure

The FLIGHTAX basic fee of $159 includes:

  • (1) Federal 1040 (Long form)
  • (1) Schedule A Itemized Deductions
  • (1) Form 2106 Flight Attendant Professional Deductions

Additional fees are based on the forms required to complete your return. Common additional fees include:

  • $40 – State Tax Return – $50 for each additional State or Local Tax Returns
  • $20 – Joint Return Fee
  • $80 – Domestic Partner States

For example: a return for a single taxpayer living in California would be $199.00. A joint tax return in one state would be $219.00. These fees include electronic filing and direct deposit of refunds for both the federal and state returns.

A complete list of fees can be found on our online and print organizers.

Approximately 70% of our clients have basic returns that are filed for the $159.00 Federal fee. We can keep our basic fee low by charging only for those forms that require additional computations and that apply to only a few of our clients. The fees for these additional forms are listed on the back of our Client Organizer. These amounts are for the “basic” return; if you have a more complex situation, additional fees may apply.

If you wish for FLIGHTAX to prepare just the Professional Deduction portion of your return, our fee for this service is $89.00. We will also calculate only your Per Diem deduction (this is included in the Professional Deductions) for $79.00. For more detailed information see the “Our Services” portion of this web page.

A Processing fee of $30.00 for all returns postmarked after March 1st is applied to the total fee. This additional fee is intended as a motivation for you to get your information to us early. The sooner you get your information into us – the sooner you will receive your refund!

Professional Deductions and Per Diem Calculations are included in the price of the Federal return.

Audit Representation: Changes in IRS procedures and the “aggressive” nature of the IRS towards the airline employee have forced us to change our policy of free audit representation for our clients. The decision to charge a fee for audits/correspondence will allow us to keep a low base fee for all clients. Our fees for Audit Representation will be $100 for current clients and $250 for non-clients. Representation for IRS/State Correspondence letters will be $50 for current clients and $100 for non-clients. (per incident/year)

Note on fees

Most federal returns will be completed for the base fee of $159. This includes the federal long form, itemized deductions, employee business expense (for one person), interest income and various other items. However, more complex returns require additional forms to be filed. The fees for the additional forms are on a per form basis. An asterisk(*) has been placed next to each section of the Organizer that requires additional forms and an additional fee.

Administrative Fees Will Apply for More Complex Returns.


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