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  • Per Diem

    Per Diem

    Per Diem Calculations If your tax preparer is not asking you for a copy of your flight schedules, you are … [Read More]

  • Professional Deductions

    Professional Deductions

    Professional Deductions: If you have a tax preparer who is familiar with your family tax situation, but is not aware … [Read More]

  • Full Return Preparation

    Full Return Preparation

    Complete Tax Preparation: We will prepare and electronically file your Federal and State returns, and have any refunds deposited directly … [Read More]

  • Corporate Tax Preparation

    Corporate Tax Preparation

    C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnership or Trust Returns – we are the professional staff to assist you at every level! … [Read More]

  • Amended Return

    Amended Return

    Amended Returns: If you have not taken the proper deductions in past years, we can amend your prior year returns … [Read More]

  • Specialty Profession Worksheets

    Specialty Profession Worksheets

    Specialty Worksheets We have designed several professional deduction worksheets for a variety of professions. If you our your spouse are … [Read More]

  • Client Portals

    Client Portals

    Welcome to ShareFile, a secure and convenient way to exchange tax information with Flightax. If you already have a ShareFile … [Read More]

  • Electronic Filing/Direct Deposit

    Electronic Filing/Direct Deposit

    We recommend that you always electronically file your Federal and State income tax returns! When you file a paper return, … [Read More]

  • Tax Guide

    Tax Guide

    The Flight Attendant Tax Guide: A must-read for every New Hire! Download a PDF here.