Get Schedules

American Airlines & United*: Securely sign in to our app which will extract your schedules and send them directly to us. No printing, email or messing with getting your paper schedules anymore! You can download the Droid App to your device from the Play Store, or click here to download our Windows application.

The Process: By following the link above, you will be directed to our website, maxperdiem. You will be asked to accept an executable file. Your computer “should” for security, give you the option to download this file or reject it. Click accept. Once the file has downloaded, double-click to get started.

This process is for your security. At no time does anyone at Flightax have access to your jetnet password. This is to satisfy the security requirements of your airlines in keeping access to your account private.

*The United section of the App is currently undergoing testing and will be available for you to send us your schedules on February 1st.