All of your flight related expenses are still deductible if you are a tax paying resident of CA!

CA is one of 8 states that will allow a deduction for employee business expenses.  We have lost these deductions on the federal, so it is even more important that you take advantage of them on the State.

If you have not taken your flying deductions in the past, we can go back and amend the three open years, 2015, 2016 and 2017 (the statute of limitations to receive a refund for 2015 is up on April 15th of this year).  For more information on what you can deduct, see our Professional Deduction section on our Website.

The main deduction will be your per diem.  We are able to take a deduction for every layover.  Each city has an established amount we can take as a standard deduction without receipts.  We will need all 12 Months of your schedules to calculate your per diem deduction.  It is very easy from iCrew option to send us your schedules.  Click here for a PDF of the instructions.

For us to prepare your 2018 tax return we will need you to complete both the full Client Organizer and Professional deduction Organizer.  Down load them both below!  Check out our website for more information on what you can deduct,

Click here for the Full Client Organizer

Click here for the Professional Deduction Organizer

Click here to go to our website for more information on Flightax

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