Small Business

Being a Flight Attendant is the greatest part-time job in the world. Even if you fly a full schedule, you still have 12–15 days a month off. This is why so many of us have started a business of our own. I started Flightax 30 years ago while flying. I have multiple clients who fly and have a business or real estate as their primary means of income.  Depending on your airline, you have the freedom to fly low time and pursue a business of your own.

We Can Help You!

If you are thinking about starting a business, pick up the phone and let’s talk. There are several questions you need to be asking yourself before you decide to take the plunge! I’ll give you 3 pieces of advice for starting this venture:

  1. Do your homework—know your market, know your product and know your competition!
  2. KIS—this stands for “Keep It Simple” (and some of you know there is another S we can add to that). Don’t incorporate unless you need to—start small and we can work up from there. 
  3. Don’t commingle funds. Keep your personal and business expenses separate! Use a different CC and keep it business only. Open a 2nd personal checking account—you can change this to a Business account later if you need to!

If you start with those in mind and contact our office—you will be headed in the right direction for success!

Give us a call: 317-984-5812!